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Wings, Songs and Colors: New Bio Expedition that will help us create a national birdwatching program

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

To celebrate the work of ornithologist Frank M. Chapman from the American Museum of Natural History and other scientists that 110 years ago explored Colombia and studied the distribution and biology of its bird-life, Colombian Ministry of Science, The Humboldt Institute and the Institute of Natural Sciences from Universidad Nacional, will launch a NEW Bio Expedition that will help us create a national birdwatching program

With the name of Alas Cantos y Colores, *Wings, songs and Colors* this bio expedition seeks to incorporate historical and modern data on birds in the national territory to identify changes in their diversity, genetic and population, as well as the state of conservation, taking into account changes in the landscape and the effects of climate change to formulate sustainable development strategies such as bird tourism.

Important information about the impact of human activities on the bird population in the last 110 years will be gathered. This information will be of great help to forecast and prevent future impacts on our biodiversity.

As a result of these expeditions a route for a national birdwatching program will be developed. This route will strengthen training programs on science and education with local communities and the expeditioners.

Join us on October 28th at 3 pm hr COL, 4 pm EST. President Iván Duque Márquez, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, the director of the Alexander Von Humboldt Institute, representatives of the National University of Colombia, Cornell University and the American Museum of Natural History will be present.

When: October 28th, 3 pm HR COL 4 PM EST



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