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Plan Colombia: A Roadmap for Future Relations Between the USA and Colombia and the Region

Building on the first three in this four-part webinar series, the conversation explored the lessons of Plan Colombia – both the challenges and opportunities – as a roadmap for the future of U.S.-Colombia relations and broader policy in the region. Watch now

Allies and Diplomats: A conversation between friends with Dr. Condoleezza Rice and Minister Carolina Barco

On April 29th in a warm conversation, Dr Condoleezza Rice, 66th Secretary of State of the United States, and Carolina Barco, Former Colombian Foreign Minister, shared their experiences as diplomatic leaders. Claudia Blum, Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs gave the opening remarks

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13 Colombian Tech Startups Now Better Connected to the USA and the World

The Embassy of Colombia in the United States today applauded 13 Colombian tech startups for successfully completing a 12-week program in internationalization strategies – including digital marketing in the United States, hiring, and sales channels – that will help them better serve the U.S. and other world markets.

Plan Colombia: A Roadmap for the Future of U.S. - Colombia Relations

This four-part webinar series explores the successes and lessons of Plan Colombia as a roadmap for the future of U.S.-Colombia relations and the entire Latin America region. Watch now

Why Colombia is the Arctic: Celebrating Earth Day  Learn about the specific effects in Canada, the United States, and Colombia and discover why we are all closer to the Arctic than we might think, by connecting to the Embassies of Colombia in Canada and the United States.

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Plan Colombia

A roadmap for the Future Relations between the U.S - Colombia and the Region

Part Four: The Road Ahead

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