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Vice President Led Government, Private Sector Delegation for Visits with U.S. Officials

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

· Colombian Vice President and Foreign Minister Marta Lucía Ramírez led a group of government and private-sector officials in visits with American business and public policy leaders to strengthen commercial ties, investor confidence and relations with the United States. Minister of Finance José Manuel Restrepo joined her in leading the group.

· The delegation met with:

o UN Women to discuss gender equality

o Global Reporting Initiative

o Inter-American Development Bank President Mauricio Claver-Carone

o IDB Invest CEO James Scriven

o IDB Lab CEO Eric Parrado

o International Finance Corporation

o Atlantic Council

o Council of the Americas

· The delegation included:

o Vice President and Foreign Minister Marta Lucía Ramírez

o Minister of Finance José Manuel Restrepo

o Ambassador to the United States Francisco Santos

o High-level advisor to the President Juan Emilio Posada

o ProColombia President Flavia Santoro

o Ecopetrol Group President Felipe Bayón

o Grupo ISA CEO Bernardo Vargas

o Ardila Lülle Organization CEO Carlos Julio Ardila

o ANDI President Bruce Mac Master

o Grupo Bancolombia CEO Juan Carlos Mora

o Grupo Aval CEO Luis Carlos Sarmiento

o Grupo Bolívar CEO Miguel Cortés

o Corona Organization CEO Roberto Junguito

o Grupo Nutresa CEO Carlos Ignacio Gallego

o Colombina CEO César Caicedo

o Grupo Colpatria CEO Eduardo Pacheco

o Procaps CEO Rubén Minski

o General Director of Public Credit and National Treasury César Arias

Vice President and Foreign Minister Ramírez with representatives from the International Finance Corporation.

Ambassador Santos and members of the Colombian private-sector delegation.

Top News from the Visit


“‘We will work together with multilateral agencies and banks. That’s why we were here. That’s why we had meetings with the World Bank, with the Inter-American Development Bank, and yes also with the IMF. We are considering the importance of IMF Special Drawing Rights and we’re considering the importance of the flexible credit line,’ Restrepo said.”

· Associated Press

“… [T]his is a trip to show that there is a private sector in Colombia that is working hand in hand with the government to reactivate the economy and, most importantly, to create jobs,” said Vice President Ramírez.

· Bloomberg

“[Colombian Finance Minister Restrepo is] stressing that the robust and established business community, along with the nation’s strong institutions, make the country a safe place to invest.

“‘It is not only that we have had maybe the longest and strongest democracy in Latin America,” Restrepo said. “It is also that we are working together, the public sector and the private sector. We have built a pro-business country.’”


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