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President Duque Demonstrates Regional Leadership During D.C. Visit Ahead of UN General Assembly Meet

On Climate Change: ‘Climate change is the greatest problem of our time. We have to take action individually and collectively.’

On Migration: ‘ In our country, the Constitution has an article that ... basically says that foreigners in Colombia will have the same rights as Colombians. So we are making this objective of our Constitution ... a reality [through offering temporary protected status to Venezuelan migrants].’

On Afghanistan: ‘What matters here is that [Colombia and the United States] share the value that ... humanitarian migration ... is much needed in cases of turmoil and distress like the ones we saw in Afghanistan.’

On Nearshoring: Nearshoring ... can generate a lot of opportunities and job opportunities, especially in Central America and in Colombia.

Attends Pre-COP26 Meeting on Climate Change at Request of UN Secretary-General and UK Prime Minister

Proposes Actions to Finance the Fight Against Climate Change and Advance Closing Social Gaps, Boosting Economic Growth

During an event at the Wilson Center, President Duque highlighted the achievements made in more than three years of government in the areas of legality, equity and entrepreneurship and framed clear goals to reduce Colombia’s climate footprint.

"We continue to have challenges and we have much to do, but we are doing it under the concept of sustainability," said President Duque Read more

Meets with Jeff Bezos to Discuss Efforts to Protect the Environment

Receives Award for Environmental Leadership

  • President Duque received the International Conservation Award, the most prestigious recognition by the ICCF Teddy Roosevelt Institute.

  • ·He was recognized for his leadership in preserving and caring for the environment, his policy ‘Producing Conserving and Conserving Producing,’ as well as for his efforts in favor of the expansion of the Protected Areas System, among others.

“We decided that we wanted to do something big, and I can tell you today that we expanded our unconventional renewable energy capacity by seven times," said President Duque upon receiving the award for his leadership in preserving and caring for the environment.

Accepts Donation from Rainforest Trust to Expand Protected Areas

  • Recognizing the leadership of President Duque, his vision and the exceptional work done by the Government in protecting his natural and cultural legacy, the Rainforest Trust announced a $15 million donation over five years to expand protected areas.

“Recognizing Colombia's extraordinary biodiversity and the exceptional work that the country has done in protecting its natural and cultural legacy and, especially, the visionary ambition of His Excellency, Iván Duque Márquez, to expand the network of protected areas, the Rainforest Trust has the honor and pleasure of announcing a 5-year commitment of $15 million to support these initiatives,” said Rainforest Trust President Deutsch.

Honors Migration Unit Chief at Inter-American Development Bank, Felipe Muñoz Gomez

Discusses Protecting the Environment, Migration, Nearshoring and Democracy in PBS NewsHour, NPR and POLITICO Interviews


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