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Learn about Colombian Women Perspectives through the movies

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Ibero American Film Showcase opened on March 8th and was accompanied by a virtual conversation to share Colombian and Chilean women experiences in the film industry.

Ibero American Film Showcase opened on March 8th. A virtual conversation to share Colombian and Chilean women experiences in the film industry.

To celebrate International Women´s Day on March 8th, the Ibero American Association of Cultural Attaches opened a Film Cycle with movies from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru and Portugal featuring female directors, roles and topics related to women in the movie industry of Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

The cycle was available for free, from March 8th until March 21st and featured a conversation between the Chilean director Maitee Alberdi and Colombian Filmmaker Famor Botero.

Alberdi and Botero discussed women´s role in the industry and their challenges in Colombia and Chile using examples of their most recent films. Paola Rey, a Colombian actress who stars in Boteros’ picture Sofia, was part of the conversation to talk about how her main role in the movie, representing a Colombian entrepreneur, finds her true self through a series of thought-provoking circumstances in a small town in Santander, Colombia.

Alberdi talked about her documentary film, The Mole Agent, that has been screened at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in the World Cinema Documentary Competition and that was selected as the Chilean entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards. The Mole Agent a tender story of an 83-year-old man hired by a family to investigate the conditions of a retirement home where their grandmother has been recently put in. In the process, he becomes involved with the lives of some residents.

The Film Cycle is one of the most important events for the Ibero-American Cultural Attache Association that promotes culture from 17 countries in the western hemisphere, Spain and Portugal .

The event was done in collaboration with the Washington Diplomat, Cinema Tropical and promoted by all the member countries.


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