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Hidden Heroes 2020

A Tribute to Colombians who, during 2020, stood out for their solidarity with and support for the Colombian community in the United States

The Embassy and Consulates of Colombia in the United States will pay a heartfelt tribute to people who, during 2020, did important work that contributed to the well-being of the Colombian community in the United States.

“We are proud to highlight Colombians in the United States who reflect hope, solidarity and greatness. These are ‘hidden’ values of discreet people who deserve to be recognized and applauded,” said Colombian Ambassador to the United States Francisco Santos, who will moderate the virtual ceremony.

Among the honorees are volunteers who helped distribute food, among other support activities; medical personnel; teachers; and some of the people who made possible the more than 50 humanitarian flights that took some 11,000 Colombians home while Colombia’s air border was closed.

“We hope that this tribute reflects our gratitude, not only to them, but to all Colombians who in this difficult year have shown that no matter how far we are from home, we are always here for the compatriots who need us.”

During the virtual ceremony, the stories of these “Hidden Heroes,” who were identified with the help of all the Colombian Consulates in the United States, will be told. All of them will receive a plaque and a letter of thanks from President Iván Duque.

When: Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 7 p.m. ET


Moderator: Ambassador Francisco Santos Calderon

Invite: Embassy and Consulate of Colombia in the United States

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