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Ever try to dance to pacific rhythms from Colombia?

You have an opportunity to learn some of the steps this coming 8th of July at the Embassy of Colombia to the United States. At 6 pm ET you can come and dance with professional dancers from Jovenes Creadores del Choco who will join us via video, and Yoii Campo, a professional Colombian dancer based in Baltimore who will be live on stage showing you how to move to become a true Colombian dancer from Choco!.

You can also connect and see the event online. We would love to see you either way!!

Jovenes Creadores del Choco is a cultural, social and artistic organization based in Choco Colombia created to highlight afro descendent culture, educate youth and share their values and traditions with the world. It is also a platform to find solutions to difficulties and challenges in this part of Colombia.

At the Embassy and online you will hear about it from Katherine Gil, one of the main leaders of the organization.

It will be an hour of dancing and learning from an amazing group of youngster that created an impressive choreography just for you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about Colombian culture and experience our joy!!!

July 8, 6 pm

1724 Massachusetts Ave

Washington DC


Register here and we will send you the link to connect online in case you cannot come

*We will follow appropriate guidelines to prevent health issues.

More information Silvia Dangond Gibsone Culture, Education and Sports Attache


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