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Colombian Storytelling: A conversation with filmmaker Mauricio Velez

Updated: May 18, 2021

Join us on Friday December 11th at 6 pm for a conversation with award winner Colombian filmmaker Mauricio Velez to learn what inspires him and some of the tricks, secrets and tips of the film and TV industry. Enjoy a warm exchange of knowledge with this amazing Colombian director, producer and writer.

Velez, graduated from Harvard University in filmmaking and engineering sciences, has been directing and producing since 1991.

His documentaries have been awarded with medals at the New York Festivals, Omni Awards, IWFF, Zoei film festivals and have been nominated for three Emmy Award.

His productions show the effect of good storytelling skills and the creative use of spontaneous circumstances that generate impactful and sensible stories.

Velez will be accompanied by Tom Mc Sorey, executive Director of the Canadian Film Institute who will guide the conversation, so audiences can explore what’s behind the scenes of the most important productions in which Velez have been involved.

The event is made possible thanks to a collaboration between the Embassies of Colombia in the United States and Canada and with the support of the Canadian Film Institute.

Mauricio Velez is part of the portfolio of the Promotion Plan of Colombia Abroad of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Relations

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The event is part of the Promotion Plan Abroad of Colombia from the Ministry of Foreign Relations Colombia

Mauricio Velez

Independent filmmaker honored with a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts and three Emmy Award nominations. Mauricio has also won a Newmedia grant from the Canada Media Fund/Colombian Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, and a World Resources and Environment Mac Arthur Foundation Grant. His documentaries have been awarded with medals at the New York Festivals, Omni Awards, IWFF and Zoei film festivals.

Mauricio has been directing, writing and producing films since 1991, when he graduated from Harvard University in filmmaking and engineering sciences. His main clients include Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic, PBS, Frontline, Sesame Workshop, TNC, JWT and Caracol Televisión. He headed Señal Colombia, the country's national public cultural and educational channel between 2007 and 2008, creating a preschool programming strategy that brought the channel from 26th ranking to third place. He also directed the communications department of the Humboldt Institute, the organization responsible for researching Colombia’s bio-diversity, conserving it, finding ways to use it in a sustainable manner and setting the course for the nation’s biodiversity policy. Mauricio started his career in Colombia as Executive Producer of Cenpro Television, where he was in charge of producing 9 hours per week of national television.

Tom McSorley

(born Thomas Holland McSorley) is a Canadian film critic and scholar, based in Ottawa, Ontario. He is the Executive Director of the Canadian Film Institute. He is also a sessional lecturer in Film Studies, at Carleton University; a freelance film and former theatre critic for CBC Radio One; the editor of Rivers of Time: The Films of Philip Hoffman (2008); and co-editor of Self Portraits: The Cinemas of Canada Since Telefilm (2006) and Life Without Death: The Cinema of Frank Cole (2009).[2] He is the author of numerous articles and book chapters on Canadian and international cinema, and the author of a new critical study on Atom Egoyan’s 1991 feature film, The Adjuster (2009).[3] In 1997, McSorley created the annual Latin American Film Festival as a key component of the Canadian Film Institute's ongoing international film programming in Canada's capital. He is also the singer and drummer in the Ottawa-based rock band Presence and his alter ego, Sam Menard, was the drummer for ska rockabilly band The Pelts.


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