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Colombia at “World Thinking Day. Our World: Our Equal Future: The Environment and Gender”

Colombia will be one of many countries explained next March in a very popular event in Washington DC and other important cities around the World.

World Thinking Day, described by the Girls Scout's webpage as a day “of international friendship and a time to stand up for causes that could improve the lives of girls around the globe”, is one of the biggest events of the organization since 1926.

This year, when we celebrate our 200 years of diplomatic relations between Colombia and the United States, Colombia will be present.

To make sure our country is well represented and explained at the occasion, the Embassy of Colombia in the United States received a group of 13 girls that will participate and talk about our country highlighting topics related to environment and water. The topic of the event for this year is “Our World: Our Equal Future: The Environment and Gender”

After watching the popular Disney Movie Encanto, they got to the Embassy eager to learn as much as they could.

The 8 and 9 year-old girls received new information about the country from a presentation that mixed data about our location, history, and our importance in the hemisphere, using references they identify in the movie and other sources they previously consulted thanks to her parents and other adults.

At the Embassy, they discovered new information about our environment, diversity and water resources.

The group of girls and 4 adults came from over 4 different elementary schools in Northern Virginia. They’re all in third grade and about half of the troop are in Spanish Immersion classrooms at Laurel Ridge elementary and Ravensworth elementary.

The girls enjoyed their visit and felt better prepared for their event in March.

Their visit is one of many that the Embassy organizes to teach young americans about the importance of Colombia, highlighting our diversity, richness and development, and answering questions to inform the public about any issue or development.


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