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Traveling to Colombia during the Pandemic

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

A negative PCR COVID-19 test result for travelers entering Colombia is now required.

The modification establishes that the pre-flight requirements for travelers are to:

1. Not present fever or respiratory symptoms associated with COVID-19; and

2. Fill out the “Check-Mig” application.

These provisions are made within the framework of the Sustainable Selective Testing, Tracking and Isolation strategy (PRASS).

Travelers must also:

· Respond to the strict tracking and monitoring that will be carried out by the EPS or the Secretary of Health of the jurisdiction where they stay. This measure applies to both nationals and foreigners.

· Report to these institutions if during the 14 days after their trip they present suspicious symptoms of COVID-19 and follow the indicated measures, which will be paid for by travelers in case of not being insured.

· If leaving Colombia, enter the airport 3 hours in advance to board the flight, use the mask from entering the air terminal, during the flight and at the port of arrival; and know all the health requirements of the country of destination, such as quarantines or tests.

For their part, airlines must:

· Inform their passengers that upon arrival in Colombia they will be monitored by their insurer, the Ministry of Health or through the CCNR National Tracking Contact Center; and

· Remind their travelers that the use of a mask is mandatory for everyone over two years of age throughout the flight—which airport operators must do as well.

On-flight travel considerations include:

· The new administrative act, which modifies Resolution 1627 of 2020, establishes a requirement for airlines to designate an exclusive bathroom for the crew, as long as there are enough for the use of travelers and without generating agglomeration. In such a case, restrooms should be allocated based on the location of the passengers.

· Travelers should avoid using the bathroom as much as possible on flights of less than two hours.

· Travelers must have multiple face masks to replace them during the trip and remain in the assigned seat during the flight time.

· It is also defined that when there is room to distribute food, it must be done in sealed and prepackaged containers, and by location of letters on the aircraft to prevent passengers in the same row from eating at the same time. Furthermore, in the case of flights lasting less than two hours, airlines must refrain from carrying out service activities on board.

· The obligation to clean and disinfect the inflight entertainment services after each flight is also defined; crew members are prohibited from sharing items used for safety demonstrations; and in the event that a traveler presents symptoms associated with covid-19, they must be isolated.

· It is suggested that travelers keep silence as much as possible during the trip, since this reduces the risk of transmission during the flight, which in any case is still low.


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