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This is how Colombia sounds on July 20, our independence day

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Live interviews with traditional artists of our country, salsa classes and pacific rhythms, and an interactive map to travel through the musical culture of our country

To celebrate July 20, the Colombian Embassy in the United States and its consulates will be broadcasting Marathon LIVE on their social networks in coordination with Codiscos to celebrate this national date through Colombian music and the rhythms that identify our country. Learn about porro, cumbia, vallenato, popular music and Colombian Salsa.

With the best of an amazing Colombian repertoire, divided into bands by musical genres and brief live interviews , we invite you to celebrate together the most important date for our country.

If you want to learn about our regions and our music, you can also go to Así canta Colombia ( an interactive website developed by Codiscos to listen our most traditional and representatives rhythms.


• 8 AM. This is how Colombia sounds: Tropical. Live with Juan Carlos Coronel

• 9 AM. This is how Colombia sounds: Yesterday. Live with Óscar Velásquez, Trio América

• 10 AM. This is how Colombia sounds: Feel Vallenato. Live with Julio Oñate

• 11AM. This is how Colombia sounds: Porros y Fandangos. Live with Gabriel Rumba Romero

• 12 AM. This is how Colombia sounds: Achievers of Popular Music. Live with Arelys Henao.

• 1 PM. This is how Colombia sounds: Salsa. Live with Diego Galé

• 2 PM. This is how Colombia sounds: Tropical (r). Live with Juan Carlos Coronel

• 3 PM. This is how Colombia sounds: Antaño (r). Live with Óscar Velásquez, Trio América

• 4 PM. This is how Colombia sounds: Feel Vallenato (r). Live with Julio Oñate

• 5 PM. This is how Colombia sounds: Porros y Fandangos (r). Live with Gabriel Rumba Romero

• 6 PM. This is how Colombia sounds: Achievers of Popular Music (r). Live with Arelys Henao.

• 7 PM. This is how Colombia sounds: Salsa (r). Live with Diego Galé

And for those in love with our regions and each of the musical genres that highlight them, we will have an interactive map at with rhythms by regions so that you can connect the music genre and rhythm with a specific part of our country. You will be amazed by our diversity in music and rhythms

And to add to this great virtual event with the best of Colombian music, the Embassy of Colombia in the United States will be offering a free Colombian salsa lesson with Yoii Moore, a professional dancer from Cali based in the city of Baltimore and Andres Castillo, dancer from the well-known group Swing Latino, winner of countless salsa competitions worldwide and member of the dance team of the American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez.

On Thursday, July 22 we will be offering a class of Afro Colombian rhythms done under the Plan to Promote Colombia Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Jovenes Creadores del Choco Foundation of Choco foundation in which international audiences will have the opportunity to learn about Colombian Pacific culture and at the same time perform a choreography of urban rhythms from Choco.


Juan Carlos Coronel: Born in Cartagena, Colombia, la música tropical singer Juan Carlos Coronel has found much success outside of his Caribbean homeland, charting all over Central and South America. His albums include Tributo Romantico, Mundo Para Dos, Canciones de Mi Pueblo, and De un Coronel a un Príncipe, among others.

Oscar Velasquez, Trio America : The Trio América was founded in Medellin in 1964 by the maestro Oscar Velasquez. Trio America is considered one the most important romantic music groups in Colombia. His founder recorded his first album when he was 18. In 1950 he worked with Noel Petro, Nono Narváez and Tito Ávila. He has been part of groups like Los Gallardos trio, the Amistad Trio and the Ideal Trio.

Julio Oñate: Agronomist, writer, composer, accordionist aficionado and historian of vallenato music. In 2007 was awarded a prize Simon Bolivar National Journalism category "Best Cultural broadcast radio."

Gabriel Rumba Romero: Singer, producer and composer of Colombian tropical music. Winner of the song festival in the company of Estercita Forero, Golden Congos, gold records, among others.

Arelys Henao: "The Queen of Popular Music" due to her extensive musical career, has more than twenty-year in her career and has shared stage with renowned Colombian and international artists such as Los tigres del norte , Ana Gabriel , Maelo Ruiz , Helenita Vargas, Diomedes Díaz and Tormenta , among many others. In 2003 he recorded the song "La reina y el rey" with Darío Gómez, composed by Argemiro Jaramillo. Henao has has been nominated four time's to Nuestra Tierra Awards in the categories of best female performance and best female artist. On February 23, 2018 he was part of the list of artists who accompanied the Teletón Colombia 2018 campaign.

Diego Gale: Grammy-nominated producer, composer, and instrumentalist Diego Galé has devoted his artistic life to the knowledge of Afro-Cuban music in order to integrate it with his own special way of creating music with flavor. His career dates back many years ago when as a child in Medellin, Colombia, his parents discovered his artistic skills. "When I was growing up in Cartagena, I was constantly being influenced by the sounds coming from the Caribbean", says Diego. Diego started playing with his dad Jaime Gale who is a well-known bolero interpreter, and then he continued playing with important groups of Caribbean rhythms like Wanda Kenya and Fruko y sus Tesos. After attending the University of Miami Diego went back to Colombia to work with Jairo Varela and Grupo Niche and in 1989 he created “The Gale Group” making it one of the most successful Colombian groups. As a producer he has produced albums for Maelo Ruiz, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, Tito Nieves, Tony Vega, Andy Montanez, David Pabon, Ismael Miranda, Luisito Carrion, Willie Gonzalez, Alex de Castro, Jerry Galante, Colombia All Star, Quinto Mayor, Sonora Carousels , Latin Brother, Juan Carlos Coronel, Tito Gomez, Gabino Pampini, Santiago Ceron, Junior Gonzalez, Frankie Negron, Marlon and Melany Ruiz, Yan Collazo, Oswaldo Roman, and Pedro Arroyo As a musician and percussionist, Diego has collaborated with Luis Enrique, DLG, Marc Anthony, Olga Tanon, Julio Voltio, Yuri Buenaventura, Los Titanes, Grupo Niche, Fruko y sus Tesos, Alejandro Fernández, N'Klabe, Victor Manuelle, India, Sergio George, Cheo Feliciano, Oscar D'Leon, Celia Cruz, and the Fania All Stars, both in recordings and in concerts worldwide. In addition, Diego has produced two instructional DVDs entitled "Percusivo", which have been a total success.

You can listen the program at our Instagram @ColombiaEmbassyUS our FB our You Tube channel: Embassy of Colombia in the U.S and at Instagram @Codiscos , FB page at and Codiscos you tube Channel at Codiscos.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity of learning about our music, our artists and our culture on July 20th!!!


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