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Updated: May 3

Bogotá, May 1, 2024

The Government of Colombia has repeatedly and consistently expressed its position on the conflict between Israel and Palestine and specifically on the war being waged in the Gaza Strip since 7 October 2023.

Colombia has not stopped insisting, time and again, on the need for a ceasefire, the immediate release of the hostages, as well as regular entry in necessary quantities of humanitarian aid for the population of Gaza. The country has firmly supported all actions and efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis.

It has also demanded, like many States and International Organizations, that Israel respect international humanitarian law and abide by the resolutions of the United Nations, particularly those adopted by the Security Council.

However, Colombia and the world have seen famine descend on Gaza's population, the destruction of civilian infrastructure, the deaths of hundreds of humanitarian workers, journalists, medical personnel, women and children, who continue to fall victim to Israel's retaliation that has not respected the principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution that underpin international humanitarian law.

Colombia has championed the need to hold a Peace Conference, not only to resolve the war in Gaza but to return to the path of negotiations that lead to a permanent solution.

Colombia reaffirms its conviction that the definitive solution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine and regional stability necessarily involves a two-state solution, per the border lines agreed upon by the United Nations in Resolution 242 of 1967. Palestinians and Israelis deserve to live in peace under secure and recognized borders.

Colombia is earnestly committed to peace and rejects and condemns all acts of violence. It is a country that works daily to achieve peace within and beyond its territory. Accordingly, we recently joined 17 other states in demanding the immediate and unconditional release of hostages held by Hamas.

Colombia considers that negotiation and dialogue are the ways to resolve conflicts and supports multilateralism firmly and without hesitation. Accordingly, we have expressed our position in international fora and have intervened before the International Court of Justice, both in the case of South Africa against Israel for violations of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 1948 and in the proceedings on the Advisory Opinion on the legal consequences of Israeli Occupation and the settlements.

Unfortunately, neither the calls from Colombia nor the international community have been heard. On the contrary, the country and President Gustavo Petro have been subjected to insults, distorted accusations of anti-semitism and unkind actions by the government of Israel and its representatives.

Colombia cannot be complicit or remain silent by maintaining diplomatic relations with a government that behaves in this manner and faces such serious accusations as the commission of genocide, war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law.

Colombia cannot be indifferent to the enormous and ineffable human suffering that these actions cause, and for this reason, President Gustavo Petro has decided to break diplomatic relations with Israel as of 2 May.

This decision is directed exclusively at the breaking of diplomatic relations and never against the Israeli people or the Jewish communities, since the historic ties and friendship that united us will persist. The Government of Colombia is committed to respecting life and fostering peace, as well as a two-state solution, which is why it considers this action necessary to reject violence and express support for a peaceful and fair resolution.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will inform the Israeli embassy in Colombia of the scope of the action announced by the President. Colombian diplomatic officials will return to our country. Our compatriots in Israel and Palestine will continue to receive assistance and services from the Consular Section of the Embassy in Tel Aviv.

All communications related to this announcement will be conducted through the established official channels.

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Madden Wayne
Madden Wayne
May 13

This decision is only intended to cease diplomatic relations and never to harm the Israeli people or the Jewish communities. geometry dash world

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