Information for travelers to Colombia during the pandemic

Updated: Jan 12

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests that all travelers arriving in Colombia, take into account the following recommendations based on the latest provisions of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection for the gradual reopening of the international air operation.

- Check with your airline the status of your flight

- Remember to comply with the protocols implemented by aeronautical authorities and airlines on the ground, during the flight, and upon arrival

- - Fill out the Check-Mig of Migración Colombia online 48 hours before your flight to facilitate your immigration control

- All travelers coming from abroad must have a Negative PCR test for Covid-19, taken no more than 96 hours before boarding. However, in accordance with Resolution 002 of 2021, airlines must allow the boarding of travelers who do not have this test, when they verbally state that they had difficulties taking it or obtaining the result in the term required prior to the flight. The verbal manifestation of the passenger will be understood to be made under oath. In these cases, once entering the country, the traveler must inform the Migración Colombia officer either of the chosen option:

1. to take the PCR test in Colombia and keep preventive isolation until the moment in which a negative result for COVID-19 is obtained, or

2. to keep mandatory preventive isolation for fourteen (14) days or during the term indicated by the health authority.

The passenger may keep the days of isolation in their place of residence or a place of accommodation.

The Secretary of Health of the place of landing and / or destination will be in charge of verifying that the traveler keeps the preventive isolation.

The value of the PCR test and the costs derived from preventive isolation will be borne by the traveler.

Verbal statements will be stored in the Migración Colombia system.


Remember to comply with the entry requirements to Colombia and verify if you require a visa depending on the activity you are going to carry out in the country. For more information, please check:

The immigration control authority reserves the right to decide on the entry and admission of travelers to national territory.

For further Information please visit: