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COVID-19 Update from Colombia

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

April 24th, 2020

Keeping the Country Safe | Helping People and Families | Supporting Businesses and Rural Workers

President Duque Speaks with President Trump on COVID-19 Response, Bilateral Cooperation

U.S. to Provide Health Care Resources to Colombia

· In a phone call this week, President Iván Duque and President Donald Trump discussed the importance of mutual cooperation in addressing the challenges facing both countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. President Trump offered U.S. support for Colombia’s healthcare system, including by supplying ventilators.

· Both leaders emphasized the vital role of the Colombia-U.S. relationship and the need to work closely together to address the Venezuelan crisis and other shared priorities in the region.

· “It was not only a fraternal conversation from the point of view of the relationship that our countries have, but additionally, we understand that this is also where all countries are working as a team to face this pandemic," said President Duque.

Latest Measures to Fight COVID-19 in Colombia

· The nationwide mandatory self-quarantine has been extended until May 11th, President Iván Duque announced Monday.

· Manufacturing and construction sectors to reopen under strict public health protocols, allowing more than 4 million Colombians to return to work once all biosafety protocols have been met.

· National and international flights will remain closed through the end of May, and President Duque reiterated that inter-municipal land transport will continue to be restricted, with mass transit systems operating at a capacity of no more than 35 percent.

· Teleworking practices and the prohibition of events and large gatherings remain in effect. Restrictions on bars and clubs will continue; restaurants will continue to operate with delivery options; and in-person classes at schools and universities remain closed.

· President Duque also assured that although victory cannot be claimed, the speed of the virus's spread has been stopped. “The number of deaths and cases per million show good behavior. Also the number of positive cases compared to the tests per day improves their trend.”

· President Duque announced that beds for patients will be expanded by 8,000 through the semi-hospital infrastructure hotel network.

· Health care funding will be increased by 11.9% under the Government’s draft National Budget for 2021.

Click here for more measures Colombia has put in place to address COVID-19.

Click here for measures related to trade and investment.

Virtually Immerse Yourself in Colombia

· While we stay at home and Take care now so we can meet again soon,’ check out ProColombia’s top 10 list of activities — from sightseeing tours and music shows to traditional cooking classes and even bird whistles.

· As a bonus…go (virtually) birdwatching in Colombia here!

Digital App “#BThe1Challenge” Strengthens English Learning at Home

· The Colombian Education Ministry has launched an educational video game for children at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The game is 100% in English, helping Colombian children learn the language.

· "We know that children and young people enjoy video games and can learn by playing and engaging with them. We will also have tools for teachers to give them the ability to monitor how the level of English is progressing,” said the Minister of Education, María Victoria Angulo.

Watch: Colombia Harnesses the Open-Source Ventilator Movement

Ambassador Santos Webinar Series

“The New Economy in the Time of COVID-19.”

Thursday, April 30th at 7pm COT | 8pm ET

· Please join us on Thursday, April 30th, 2020, at 7:00PM COT | 8:00PM ET for a conversation on “The New Economy in the Time of COVID-19.” Connect through the Embassy’s Facebook Page and

· Hosted by Colombian Ambassador to the USA Francisco Santos, this is the second installment in our “The New Abnormality” webinar series, where we bring together industry experts to share their insights on how the coronavirus pandemic is changing our world.

· Joining Ambassador Santos in the April 30th discussion will be:

o Juan Ricardo Ortega, BID Specialist and Former Director of DIAN’

o Alberto Bernal, Economist and Chief of Strategy at XP Investments

o Freddy Vega, Founder and CEO of PLATZI

Hear from President Duque’s Colombian-Venezuelan Border Advisor

· Felipe Muñoz, President Duque’s Advisor for the Colombian-Venezuelan Border, joined an expert panel for a discussion on how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting Venezuela.

· Watch the Americas Quarterly Council of the Americas event here.

Please Donate to the ‘Helping Is Good for Us’ Initiative

· Please help add to the nearly USD $18 million raised and 470,000 grocery parcels donated so far for families in need by visiting:

iNNpulsa Colombia (in-kind – non-monetary – contributions)

Celebrating Earth Day and Staying Positive with Messages of Hope

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