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COVID-19 Update from Colombia

April 17th, 2020

COVID-19 Update from Colombia Keeping the Country Safe | Helping People and Families | Supporting Businesses and Rural Workers #ColombiaUnidaySolidaria

President Duque Addresses the Atlantic Council on Colombia’s Pandemic Response Amidst Venezuelan Refugee Crisis

· President Iván Duque, speaking as the first guest on the Atlantic Council Front Page virtual series, discussed Colombia’s actions to address COVID-19 and the unique position of confronting the dual challenges of the pandemic and the Venezuelan refugee crisis. Watch and read more.

U.S. Providing $10.4 million in aid for Colombia’s COVID-19 Response

· The U.S. Government is providing more than $10.4 million in humanitarian assistance for Colombia’s COVID-19 response. The funding update issued by the State Department Thursday includes $1.9 million in Migration and Refugee Assistance (MRA), which will support efforts to help refugees and their host communities in Colombia during the pandemic, and $8.5 million in previously announced International Disaster Assistance (IDA) funding that is helping surveil the spread of the virus, provide water and sanitation supplies, manage COVID-19 cases, and more. Learn more.

“Colombia rushes to make cheap ventilators for COVID patients”

· The Associated Press (4/16) reports that engineers in Colombia have developed a mechanical ventilator for COVID-19 patients that could cost as little as $2,000, and regulators are speeding up the approval process. Read here

(Photo: Fernando Vergara/Associated Press)

Latest Measures to Fight COVID-19 in Colombia

· Delivery of new rapid tests: President Iván Duque and Minister of Health Fernando Ruiz announced that new rapid COVID-19 tests will arrive in the coming days, with the objective of performing 200,000 to 300,000 daily tests.

· The Government declared the virus as an occupational disease for health workers, including hospital care and administrative personnel. This was announced by the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, who stated that this action will facilitate the quick response of the Occupational Risk Administrators in everything that has to do with prevention programs and care. · Special financial recognition for emergency health personnel directly involved in responding to the epidemic.

· Direct support to 9,000 textile companies called upon to produce face masks and protective clothing.

Click here for more measures Colombia has put in place to address COVID-19.

Ambassador Santos Launches “The New Abnormal” Webinar Series With Discussion on Virtual Education

· Colombian Ambassador to the USA Francisco Santos kicked off an online series about how COVID-19 has irreversibly changed the world – the “new abnormal.” The first discussion focused on virtual education. If you missed it, watch here

Wilson Center “Ground Truth” Briefing The Coronavirus Response in Colombia: Views from Leading Practitioners

· On Thursday, two of Colombia’s leading public servants in charge of responding to and containing the pandemic in Colombia – Luis Guillermo Plata, Manager for Comprehensive Attention to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Office of the Presidency, Colombia and Felipe Muñoz, Presidential Advisor for the Colombian-Venezuelan Border, Office of the Presidency – discussed the challenges they face. Listen here.

Cooking Tutorial with Renowned Colombian Chef Charlie Otero

Please Donate to the ‘Helping Is Good for Us’ Initiative

· Please help add to the nearly USD $18 million raised and 400,000 grocery parcels donated so far for families in need by visiting: Fundación Solidaridad por Colombia (monetary donations) iNNpulsa Colombia (in-kind – non-monetary – contributions)

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