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Colombia Welcomes Afghan Citizens in Agreement with the United States

Washington, DC, Aug 23rd, 2021 — The Colombian Government is working in close coordination with U.S. authorities to temporarily host as many as 4,000 Afghan citizens.

“The agreement is a sign of the historical, strategic and strong relationship between Colombia and the United States,” said Colombian Ambassador to the United States Juan Carlos Pinzón who is working in Colombia this week on the operation. “Colombia has always supported the United States as the United States has always supported Colombians, and our shared commitment to defending democracy, human rights, children and women will always keep us close friends and allies.”

Colombian President Iván Duque stated: “Our coordination with the U.S. Government is done with a sense of solidarity and reciprocity for the support they have always given to Colombia and, also, because we are united by the protection of human rights, of women and, of course, being with our allies when they need us.”

Of the agreement, U.S. Ambassador to Colombia Philip Goldberg said: “Colombia is a great friend of the United States, and we thank it for having answered the call to provide humanitarian support to the Afghan citizens who worked with us to spread democracy and freedom in a region where those fundamental values, cherished by our two countries, they are scarce.”

Officials representing the U.S. Government, through the Embassy in Bogotá, and the Colombian Government, through institutions such as Migración Colombia and with coordination and leadership from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense and Health, are already making arrangements for the Afghan citizens to have appropriate places to live during their stay in Colombia. The temporary operation will be entirely financed by U.S. authorities.

“I believe that Colombians should feel proud of the great respect and reputation that our country has in the world, as people who welcome persons in need, as people who help defend human rights, and as people who work for the general good, not only of our own country, but of the whole world,” concluded Ambassador Pinzón.


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