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Colombia Honors Admiral Craig Faller, SOUTHCOM Commander, with ‘Order of San Carlos’

Cites Admiral Faller’s Many Acts of Service to the country as Reason for Conferring High Honor

Washington, DC, October 6th, 2021 — In a ceremony last night, Colombian Ambassador to the United States Juan Carlos Pinzón bestowed upon Admiral Craig S. Faller, Commander of the Southern Command of the United States (SOUTHCOM), the “Order of San Carlos,” a designation instituted by the National Government to honor and exalt Colombian and foreign citizens who have distinguished themselves for their well-known services to the country, especially in the field of international relations.

In presenting the honor, Ambassador Pinzón cited Admiral Faller’s many acts of service to his country, including serving on different ships and in different operations; working for Senator Edward M. Kennedy; and serving as Executive Assistant to the Commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, the Commander of the U.S. Central Command and the Chief of Naval Operations, among other distinguished positions.

Under the command of Admiral Faller, SOUTHCOM has maintained an extraordinary level of bilateral cooperation with Colombia in matters of defense, promoting its expansion to areas such as cybersecurity, and has contributed to the participation of the United States in Operation Orion of maritime interdiction against drug trafficking.

“We are looking to the future and see challenges and risks, and there is only one thing that can keep our countries moving well forward and that is following the steps of those who like you said the right thing and did the right thing. So for that, thank you, Admiral Faller,” said Ambassador Pinzón upon conferring the honor last night.

“We’re friends and neighbors, and we have a relationship that goes back decades. We have fought together for freedom, and we have fought together for the future. Our relationship is the best. Colombia is our most trusted partner,” said Admiral Faller.


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