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Women leadership: Key for another 200 years of great diplomatic relations

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

To engage in closer cooperation and strengthen the bilateral partnership between Colombia and the United States, the Embassy of Colombia to the United States hosted an event with an organization that highlights the improtance of women in high level positions for the development, diversity and progress of businesses, public organizations and other organizations.

In coordination with CESA (College of Hight Administration Studies), that created a space to recognize advances of women in leadership positions, on June 23th, 2022 Ambassador of Colombia Juan Carlos Pinzon opened the residence to more than 35 women from Colombia and the United States to present their successes in different areas and the secrets that others need to know in order to get to higher positions and jobs.

On June 24th, 2022 there was an all morning workshop lead by Ana Maria Badel, who was in charge of all projects related to the 200 years of bilateral relations celebrations since 2021 and has held high busness positions in the private sector in Colombia, and other important women that are leading groups, foundations and companies.

Divided in groups, they discussed options to atract more women to leadership positions to keep looking for solutions to issues in security, climate change, strengthening democracy, migration, energy transformation, and business among others.

Pilar Lozano, Ambassador Juan Carlos Pinzon´s wife joined the group as well as other members of the Embassy of Colombia who organized the event.

The schedule of events included visits to Honeywell Innovation Center and the IFC of the World Bank Group in Washington DC.

In order to further the relationship between the two countries, results of this event and conversations will be delivered to members of Congress and other key stakeholders in the United States and Colombia.


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