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The Latest News from Colombia

Humanitarian Flights Continue to Colombia | Latest COVID-19 Updates | Venezuela Virtual Briefing on May 28th | Birdwatching in Colombia from Your Home | And More …

Humanitarian Flights Continue to Bring Colombians Home

· Colombian government arranges additional humanitarian flights: Today, 248 Colombians flew from Washington, DC to Bogotá, Colombia, and 191 flew home yesterday from Miami, FL.

· Colombian Ambassador to the USA Francisco Santos: “We thank everyone involved in helping make these humanitarian missions a success, and we are so pleased to be able to return Colombians home to their loved ones,” he said.

Latest Measures to Fight COVID-19 in Colombia

· Mandatory nationwide quarantine extended through May 31st and health emergency will last until August 31st. The quarantine has been in place since March 24th to keep Colombians safe.

· International flights to Colombia banned through August 31st.

· Gradual, regionalized reopening to begin June 1st. A new phase of gradual, smart isolation will begin on June 1st so that municipalities can start reopening, taking into account the conditions of each area through a three-step approach:

o First, the Ministry of Health must certify that the municipality is not affected by COVID-19.

o Second, the Ministry of Health will prepare biosafety protocols for that municipality.

o Third, the Ministry of the Interior will authorize the lifting of mandatory preventive isolation. If a case of COVID-19 is detected, the municipality should return to mandatory closure.

· Millions raised through “Helping Is Good for Us” initiative to help those in need. The Colombian and international communities have helped raise millions of dollars and donations of hundreds of thousands of grocery parcels to help families struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please join the campaign:

iNNpulsa Colombia (in-kind (non-monetary) contributions)

Click here for more measures Colombia has put in place to address COVID-19.

May 28th Virtual Briefing on Helping Venezuelan Refugees

· Join us on May 28th at 10:00 a.m. ET to learn how the private sector and humanitarian community can unite to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of Venezuelan refugees and migrants.

· The virtual briefing is hosted by the Embassy of Colombia in the USA, Citi Foundation and USA for IOM (The UN Migration Agency).

· Register here. There is no better moment to get involved in this critical conversation.

‘Virtual Experiences’ Series Next Brings Colombian Authors to People Around the World on May 27th

· On May 27th at 6:00 p.m. COT | 7:00 p.m. ET, listen to Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez and other Colombian authors read from their books from the Hispanic voice archives at the Library of Congress.

Innovation and Technology in Latin America’s Post-Pandemic Recovery

· Colombian President Iván Duque’s National Innovation and Digital Transformation Advisor, Victor Muñoz, discussed how COVID-19 is impacting technology trends in Colombia.

· During the Inter-American Dialogue online event, Muñoz joined a distinguished panel to discuss how innovation can help with economic recovery.

ICYMI: Birdwatching from Your Home

· On May 20th, the Embassy of Colombia, in partnership with ProColombia, hosted a virtual birdwatching experience with the Audubon Society’s Matthew Jeffrey and WhereNext Bird Expert Chris Bell. Colombian Ambassador to the United States Francisco Santos moderated. You can watch it here.

· Colombia just took first place for the fourth year in a row in the global birding competition, Global Big Day.

· You can continue to enjoy the stunningly beautiful birds of Colombia and the United States with the resources below. Have fun!

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Birding in Colombia and Latin America

General Information about Birds and Birding

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