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The international opening of the “joropo” tournament.

Another celebration during the commemoration of 200 years of diplomatic relations between Colombia and the United States

To celebrate another famous rhythm and music from Colombia, representatives of Joropo dance showed a taste of this vibrant music at La Cosecha, a space in Washington DC where Latino culture is present and audiences go to learn about Latin American culture and cuisine.

The event, a preview of the show at the Kennedy Center on June the 2nd was part of the series of events organized by the Embassy of Colombia to the United States to celebrate the 200 years of bilateral relations, served as the opening of the Joropo Tournament.

The international space was perfect to demonstrate the importance of the "llanero" folklore as part of the Colombian identity.

With "sombreros" and "cotizas", the dancers of the llano not only dazzled audiences with their talent, but also display a very significant part of Colombian culture.

Singer song writer “El Cholo Valderrama” matched the display of energy with his melodic voice that was recognized recently with a Latin Grammy award for his s song “Caballo!”.

The magical evening served as the international platform to showcase what will happened in International Joropo tournament in Villavicencio, Meta in Colombia from August 11 to the 15th.

The tournament is the biggest festival in the Latin American country where the most outstanding performers, composers and dancers highlighted the DNA of this part of the region where audiences will be able to see the "Joropodromo", a parade of more than 3,000 couples dancing to the rhythm of Llanera music.

Activities include the Reinado Internacional de Joropo, the Llanera Music Contest, the Bastimento, horseback riding, Trabajo de llano, coleo, concerts and a gastronomic festival.

Luis Carlos Londoño Vargas, director of the Meta Tourism Institute, recently highlighted that presentations In Miami, New York, Washington and in Mexico city encourage audiences to Villavicencio and learn about places like Caño Cristales and the Güéjar canyon, among others.


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