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The Colombian Navy's Training Ship ARC "Gloria" Arrives in Boston

The ARC "Gloria" Training Ship, a genuine naval masterpiece and a floating ambassador of Colombia across the world's seas has arrived in the historic city of Boston. It will be docked at the Charlestown Navy Yard until 25 August, 17hrs, offering an unmissable opportunity to jump aboard for a guided tour and a captivating cultural exhibition. This visit to the city is a significant part of the training itinerary for the Escuela Naval de Cadetes Almirante Padilla students.

Photo Credit: 📸 Courtesy U.S. Navy

As Colombia commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Navy from Boston, His Excellency Luis Gilberto Murillo, the Ambassador of Colombia to the United States, highlighted the profound symbolism of naval navigation—a depiction of patriotism and the heroic endeavours of our seafarers. He welcomed the 69 Escuela Naval de Cadetes Almirante Padilla students and saluted the young cadets for their unyielding determination and unwavering commitment to Colombia.

The ARC "Gloria" Training Ship will be berthed at Pier 1 West within the Charlestown Navy Yard and open to the public from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM until 25 August. Take the chance to experience Colombia's maritime legacy and its commitment to education, culture, and international goodwill.

Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo warmly welcomed students of the Escuela Naval de Cadetes Almirante Padilla aboard the ARC "Gloria" Training Ship. As we celebrate 200 years of the Colombian Navy.


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