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Colombian Ambassador to the U.S launches first trade mission of African-American businesses

The first trade mission of African-American entrepreneurs, organized by ProColombia, The Russell Innovative Center for Entrepreneurs (RICE), the Atlanta Black Chambers and the City of Atlanta, will take 25 businesses from Atlanta to Cali on 13 - 20 August 2023.

At the trade mission's launch event in Atlanta, the Ambassador of Colombia to the United States, Luis Gilberto Murillo, highlighted the importance of strengthening economic development, relations, and investment opportunities between the two cities under the Colombia - United States vibrant bilateral trade.

"Having materialized this first trade mission to Cali with Atlanta's Black entrepreneurs presents a transformative opportunity to bridge similar businesses and unlock the full potential of Colombian industries in accessing the U.S. market. This initiative showcases the strength and resilience of the Colombia-U.S. partnership and the ample existing opportunities to trade and invest," said Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo.

The objective of this mission is to promote commercial opportunities in various sectors, such as industries 4.0, BPO, cosmetics, agro-industry and manufacturing. Participants will visit related companies in Cali as the first phase to replicate the experience to the rest of the country.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens added, "We support the empowerment of minority and immigrant entrepreneurs, and this is a great opportunity to connect them directly with a global ecosystem that can elevate their business."

Carmen Caballero, president of ProColombia, highlighted the importance of taking a trade mission to the Pacific region, one of many investment locations in Colombia's diversified exportable offer. She added that Colombia is the fourth largest economy in the region and the third most populous country in Latin America.

This trade mission marks an advance in trade relations between Colombia and the United States and seeks to strengthen business collaboration between the two nations.

To access the message of the Ambassador Luis Gilberto Murillo on this trade Mission click here:


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