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‘The Best Way to Close the Gaps Is Democracy,’ says Vice President in Atlantic Council forum

Colombian Leader Stressed that Colombia and the United States Have Common Goals Based on Democratic Values

Emphasized the Need to Strengthen Cooperation on Issues Including COVID-19 Vaccinations

Washington, DC — With an emphatic message about the importance of the bilateral relationship between Colombia and the United States, the defense of democracy and the generation of opportunities for young people, Colombian Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez participated in an Atlantic Council forum in Washington, DC today.

“For us, the relationship with the United States is a priority. We share values. We believe that the best way to close the gaps is democracy and economic development. We want to work together to generate positive changes in society, to help reduce inequality,” she said.

She highlighted the need to strengthen cooperation with the United States and to accelerate the COVID-19 vaccination program in Colombia. “We are asking for help to get some vaccines for our citizens, as well as for the roughly 2 million Venezuelan migrants Colombia has welcomed.”

She also emphasized the importance of working together, between countries, to strengthen trust in institutions. “Colombia and the United States have common goals; we must regain the trust of citizens in government. We have to be more effective in reducing poverty gaps. We have to work together in bilateral relations and in bilateral institutions,” she said.

For the Colombian Vice President, who is also serving as Foreign Minister, young people are the foundation for the construction of a more inclusive society. “We have been focused with President Duque on developing positive changes in Colombia, for example, we launched with the Minister of Education a program to provide free higher education for low-income young people in the country,” she said.

Vice President Ramírez’s participation in today’s Atlantic Council forum is part of a visit to the United States that started in New York City last weekend and will continue in Washington, DC this week. She will be meeting with senior U.S. government officials to strengthen the Colombia-U.S. partnership and discuss continued U.S. support for shared democratic values.


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