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Strengthening the Colombia-U.S. subnational partnership

Updated: May 3

Chargé d'affaires Daniel Avila completed a productive agenda in New Orleans, where he engaged with local authorities, community, and business leaders amidst the backdrop of the city's iconic Jazz Festival, where Colombia is a guest of honour.

During his visit, Mr. Avila met with New Orleans' Mayor LaToya Cantrell to discuss a subnational partnership between New Orleans and various Colombian cities. Preliminary discussions with the city's Director of International Relations, Rosine Pema Sanga, opened a path for enhanced collaboration in the arts and education.

Highlighting the importance of further economic cooperation, Mr. Avila participated in a roundtable discussion with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and representatives from local businesses and corporations. The dialogue focused on exploring opportunities for direct trade and investment to bolster economic ties between Louisiana and Colombia regions.

The New Orleans' agenda, accompanied by Colombia's General Consul in Houston, Andrés Díez, included several diaspora-centred engagements and community-building activities, including a town hall meeting with Colombian residents across Louisiana to hear them on topics of interest and discuss their needs and initiatives.

Mr. Ávila and Mr. Díez, also visited the Kenner Mayor's Office to explore opportunities for Colombian nationals in the city.

Colombia: Jazz Festival's Guest Country

Attending the inaugural press conference of the New Orleans Jazz Festival, Mr. Avila joined Quint Davis, Festival Director Tara Carter, President of the Jazz Foundation Board, and representatives from the private sector, highlighting the festival's role as a catalyst for cultural celebration and international cooperation.

Further immersing himself in the festival's Colombian delegation, Mr. Avila met with several of the 175 artists representing our country, highlighting the importance of cultural exchange in strengthening bilateral relations. During his visit, Mr. Avila took a guided tour of the festival pavilions, gaining firsthand insight into the vibrant cultural tapestry showcased at Jazz Fest.

Mr. Avila's visit underscored the mutual commitment to deepening cultural understanding and strengthening diplomatic ties between Colombia and the United States at a subnational level.


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