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Statement by the Embassy of Colombia in the United States

Bogotá March 26, 2024 

On March 23rd , 24th , and 25th , the Colombian government, led by President Gustavo Petro and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luis Gilberto Murillo, maintained continuous dialogue and took necessary actions through formal and informal diplomatic channels to urge both the Venezuelan government and the country’s opposition movements, including those grouped under the Democratic Unity Platform (‘PUD’ in Spanish) and the Vente Venezuela movement, to strictly comply with the provisions established under the Barbados Agreement, in which Colombia has acted as an observer and supporter.

Colombia reaffirms its absolute respect for the sovereignty and autonomy of Venezuela, its political institutions, and other social and political actors in setting internal mechanisms for the resolution of political controversies. At the same time, it reiterates the need for a free, fair, and competitive presidential electoral process in Venezuela, in which citizen participation through voting is a mechanism of democratic expression.

Colombia expresses concern surrounding recent events related to the registration of several presidential candidacies, particularly regarding the difficulties faced by major opposition movements - such as the Democratic Unity Platform and the Vente Venezuela Movement, among others. These events could affect the international community’s confidence in the transparency and competitiveness of the electoral process ahead of the presidential elections, scheduled for July 28th.

Colombia also highlights the need to support and strengthen democracy in Venezuela to contribute toward regional stability. Ensuring the political and electoral rights of all political actors is fundamental to the framework of democracy. For this reason, Colombia joins the calls of the international community to prioritize the current presidential electoral process as a democratic mechanism for decision-making that will impact the Venezuelan people in the coming years.

Colombia will continue to offer its support, if required, to further advance efforts through discreet and confidential diplomatic channels to advance democratic solutions, which are agreed upon and achieved by Venezuelan citizens themselves.

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