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Rule of law, and democratic values in Colombia and the U.S.:A conversation with GW University

To continue celebrating the 200 years of diplomatic relations between Colombia and the United States, Ambassador Juan Carlos Pinzon gave a detailed presentation to George Washington Law Students interested in learning about Colombia and specifically about our shared democratic values and the rule of law of the two countries.

With more than 20 students interested in talking to Pinzon, the conversation highlighted the history of the bilateral relations, the commitment of both countries to promoting security, prosperity, and democratic governance as well as respect for human rights and the rule of law.

These conversations are part of a series of dialogues and presentations that Ambassador Pinzon has been organizing with students from the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and other states where he has traveled to connect with youngsters.

The celebration of the 200-year history of diplomatic relations that started last year in September has included other important events with audiences that range from students to athletes, to governmental officials, congressmen and other key stakeholders like business owners, the scientific community, and innovators in the United States.

The conversation was moderated by Christina Revilla Chacon, a second-year law student at the George Washington University Law School who is serving as an Associate of the International Law in Domestic Courts Law Journal, as well as on the International Law Society student organization and the Human Rights Law Society. Prior to starting law school, Christina worked as a program assistant with the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund. Christina graduated from the Catholic University of America with a bachelor’s degree in Politics with concentrations in both American Government and International Relations in 2019.

The George Washington University International Law Society (ILS) seeks to promote awareness of international law and careers, improve students’ knowledge of international law and current international issues, and maintain contacts with and among students who desire to explore international law. ILS accomplishes these objectives by bringing speakers onto campus; coordinating visits to relevant international events and organizations; interacting with

George Washington University Law School’s international law faculty; networking among students, faculty, alumni, and other organizations; and maintaining a list of contacts who practice international law.


Oct 17, 2023

The conversation with GW University delves deep into the rule of law and democratic values in both Colombia and the U.S., highlighting the intricacies of governance. While the discussion is educational, it's essential to note that if anyone finds themselves in a situation where they've been harmed due to negligence, be it in Colombia, the U.S., or elsewhere, seeking the counsel of a personal injury attorney is crucial. Upholding rights transcends borders and disciplines.


Sep 19, 2023

The conversation between GW University regarding the rule of law and democratic values in Colombia and the U.S. is of paramount importance in today's global context. It offers valuable insights into the challenges and successes these two countries face in upholding democratic principles and the rule of law. Paul Mankin's expertise as a respected lawyer adds credibility to the discussion. This exchange fosters a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in maintaining a just and democratic society. It serves as a reminder that continuous dialogue and collaboration between nations are vital for the preservation and improvement of democratic values worldwide.

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