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Part One: The Security Perspective

Updated: May 6, 2021

Plan Colombia: A Roadmap for Future Relations Between the USA and Colombia and the Region

Part One: The Security Perspective, April 13th, 2021

This four-part webinar series explores the successes and lessons of Plan Colombia as a roadmap for the future of U.S.-Colombia relations and the entire Latin America region. The series is featured by American officials – who worked side-by-side with Colombian counterparts to make Plan Colombia a success in design, implementation and results – in conversation with Colombian Ambassador to the United States Francisco Santos Calderón, who was Vice President during the most crucial years of the initiative (2002-2010). The conversations informs how the successes of Plan Colombia can help shape the future of regional relations.

In the first part on April 13 th, Ambassador Santos hosted a discussion on the security perspective with:

An audience Q&A followed the discussions.

Watch other parts of the webinar series:


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