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Operacion Jaque exhibit at the Spy Museum in Washington DC

“The most daring and effective military operation in intelligence history”

International Spy Museum

The Colombian military operation that resulted in the successful rescue of 15 hostages, will be the new Spy Museum pop up mini – exhibit that according to Museum Instagram account “highlights one of the most daring and effective military operations in intelligence history. A 2008 deception operation, entirely planned and executed by Colombian forces. It involved codebreaking, cover identities, and the successful rescue of 15 hostages including (3) U.S nationals held by the FARC (a Marxist guerrilla group) in the Colombian jungles-and all without spilling a drop of blood".

The embassy of Colombia to the United States worked in collaboration with the Museum to display original objects from the operation. Audiences will learn interesting facts about the operation through images, videos and artifacts at a moment where Colombia and the United States are celebrating 200 years of diplomatic relations.

The Spy Museum, an independent nonprofit organization located in L’Enfant Plaza has more than 7,000 artifacts that rotates to display an average of 1,000. It offers educational and cultural programs about espionage, military secrets, and covert military actions around the world.

The exhibit of Operación Jaque highlights that it “was an electronic deception. Colombian Army cryptanalysts, who had broken FARC radio communication codes, came up with a plan to imitate FARC broadcasters. Over several months, a Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) team sent encrypted messages to the FARC camp they believed was holding the hostages, and tricked FARC leader César into bringing the hostages to a location where Colombian forces could carry out a rescue operation”.

Operacion Jaque will be on display until December 2022

For more information 700 L'Enfant Plaza, SW WashingtonDC20024


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