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Ensálsate, Salsa and Panela first live session

Free Online Live Colombian Salsa Lesson

Join us for the first edition live of our Ensálsate, Salsa and Panela free salsa lessons at the Ideas Summit. A digital experience created by the World Affairs Councils nationwide, where virtual events, conversations and debates, will engage audiences to help “putting the world back together”.

The free Colombian salsa lesson will be taught by Yoii Campo, a professional salsa dancer from Cali Colombia, founder of Joy Dance School located in Baltimore. She has been dancing salsa for over 15 years and since 2019 has been the Ensálsate, Salsa and Panela lead instructor. The class taught at the Embassy of Colombia and now through its social media channels, teaches not only how to dance Colombian salsa, but interesting facts about Colombian culture as well.

Yoii Campo

During the session that will be live on Wednesday May 6th at 6 pm (Eastern Time) Yoii will talk about the importance of Salsa, and Salsa Choke for the Colombian culture. The basic Colombia salsa steps will be mixed with curious and interesting information about habits, traditions and practices that have helped Colombia become the “Salsa Capital of the World”. Together with the World Affairs Councils, the Embassy of Colombia will launch this live session so audiences can virtually learn how to become a Colombian Salsa Dancer from the comfort of their home Do not miss the opportunity of experiencing firsthand what it is to let your passions be expressed by your feet. Colombian salsa is one of a kind. Learn why!!

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