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“Empowering Women through passion for coffee”

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Under the Bicentennial Alliance between Colombia and the United States, the Embassy of Colombia in Washington DC is highlighting the work of women in the coffee field in Colombia promoting the new line of coffee that the National Federation of coffee growers of Colombia has created to showcase high quality coffee produced by more than 163 thousand of women in the field.

Colombian coffee market is the first provider of this product to the United States and now would like to become a symbol of gender equality and women empowerment for all coffee drinkers

The new product, Café Mujeres, or Women Coffee is using the slogan “Empowering through passion for coffee” and it is aimed to remind the participation of women in this field and the need to recognize their work in Colombia and in those countries like the United States were coffee has become a key element of daily life.


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