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Colombia's “floating ambassador” docked in New York to celebrate 200 years of diplomatic relation

The Vessel Gloria served as a stage to commemorate the bicentennial relation between Colombia and the US in Manhattan

In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of bilateral relations between Colombia and the United States, the ship Gloria docked on Saturday 11th June at the Naval Museum at Pier 86 in Manhattan, New York.

Colombia sailors showcase the vessel in a series of events at the ship.

Audiences enjoyed the show of lights where Colombian and American Flag were highlighted, as well as music, food and other amenities provided by the Colombian Navy.

The vallenatera Diana Burco sang some of her most known songs and filled with Colombian rhythms the beautiful scenario inside of the ship.

Ambassador of Colombia to the United States, Juan Carlos Pinzon received Captain Eligio Orobio Sanchez and 82 crew members the naval unit including officers, petty officers, marines, civilian crew and 66 students of the naval cadets school.

The anthems of the United States and Colombia were played during the exciting arrival of the ARC Gloria, which was built 53 years ago in Bilbao, Spain, when it became the flagship of the Colombian Navy. This ship has sailed more than 867 nautical miles and has docked in 199 ports in 99 countries representing Colombia.

Cultural samples of Colombian rhythms like cumbia, mapale and joropo as well as a show by the naval crew highlighted the diversity in Colombian culture.

The event was part of a series of shows, dinners, presentations, panel discussions, high level meetings that the Embassy of Colombia to the United States have been organizing since last year to commemorate the important date for the two countries.

The celebrations have strengthened the relation between the two countries that will close the 2022 with a series of foreign affairs strategies that have increase commercial, political, defense and cultural opportunities for Colombia and the United States.


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