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Colombia opens its doors to the Iberoamerican Film Festival.

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Drinks, popcorn, and colombian coffee to celebrate on June 27 at 6 pm

The Embassy of Colombia opens its doors to the Iberoamerican Association of Cultural Attachés (AACIA) Film Festival 2022: "Ibero-American Film Series: Stories of resilience and overcoming", presenting movies and documentaries from 17 latinamerican countries, Spain and Portugal that highlights hope and resilience. A feel good vive you do not want to miss.

Movies at the Embassy of Colombia REGISTER HERE

Monday June 27, 6 pm, Colombia, El Piedra: An Afrocolombian washed-up boxer who gets paid to lose fights tries to straighten out his life after he meets a street kid who claims to be his son. REGISTER HERE

Tuesday June 28 6 pm Panama, Mas que hermanos: It is the story of two little brothers who end up living on the streets after the unexpected death of their parents. It's a story of survival, with second chances and second hits, but with an unexpected twist of hope at the end.

Thursday June 30 6 pm Paraguay, Matar a un muerto: In 1978, Paraguay lives a dictatorship and, clandestinely, two men bury corpses. But one day they find a man who is still breathing. They have to kill him, but they never killed anyone before.

Friday July 1 Chile 6 pm Araña, Inés, her husband Justo, and their best friend, Gerardo, are part of an opposition group in the chaotic Chile of the early 70's. Together they commit a political crime that changes the country's history, and a betrayal that separates them forever. Forty years later, Gerardo reappears publicly and Inés, now a powerful and influential businesswoman, will do everything in her power to prevent him from disclosing their past.

Tuesday July 5th 6 pm El Salvador Las Pupusas: "Las Pupusas" is a documentary miniseries that tells the story of the most popular Salvadoran dish, "las pupusas". The story is told through stories of life struggle and resiliency, science, tradition, fashion, love, and the Mayan civilization. Above all, it is a celebration of a culture that has been enjoyed from generation to generation through food.

Wednesday July 6 6pm Dominican Republic El naturalista isleño: Four stories about the work of conservationist photographer Eladio Fernández through diverse zones of the Hispaniola island. Humpback whales, lost flowers and birds in danger of extinction.

Thursday July 7th 6 pm Cuba Mujeres en resiliencia, derechos a la vida: Testimonies of women and diversity, full of humor, talks about feminist community networks, to overcome difficulties.

Starting on June 22 at Franklin Park with a a Movie from Uruguay Colombia and the Embassies that are parto of the Iberomaerican Association of Cultural Attaches, in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs-MOLA, EU National Institutes for Culture-EUNIC, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, D.C., The Washington Diplomat, Washington Hispanic, Cultural Tourism DC, Greater Washington, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Dupont Circle Main Streets will open the festival at the Franklin and Mithceh Park as well as at the Embassies of Spain, Check Republic and Argentina.


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