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Celebrating 202 Years of Colombia-U.S. Relations 

June 28, 2024

This year, we commemorate the 202nd anniversary of diplomatic relations between Colombia and the United States, which began in June 1822. Over two centuries, our partnership has grown and flourished, founded on shared goals of enhancing prosperity, security, and democratic values across the Western Hemisphere. 


This milestone provides an opportunity to reflect on the shared benefits and significant progress achieved through our partnership. Together, Colombia and the U.S. address safe, regular and humane migration, climate change and energy transition while promoting peace, security, democratic governance, and inclusive social development. 


Looking forward, under Plan Vida Colombia, Colombia and the U.S. remain committed to further enriching this alliance. We will continue to support initiatives that bolster community upliftment and expand opportunities in education, entrepreneurship, and political engagement. Our ongoing dedication aims to enhance the well-being of our citizens and the security of our nations


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