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A cozy acoustic experience: Learning about power of Colombian women in music

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The Embassy of Colombia in the United States and the Department of State brought the Colombian Latin Grammy Award nominee Diana Burco for a Cozy Acoustic experience to learn and hear about Colombian Women Power in music

The artist is in the United States as part of Center Stage, a cultural diplomacy initiative that connects foreign artists with American communities through the performing arts and as part of her schedule she talked at the Ambassador of Colombia Juan Carlos Pinzon's residence about her career and success.

We are excited to showcase Colombian artists like Diana and styles of Colombian music like Vallenato for our American friends,” said Colombian Ambassador to the United States Juan Carlos Pinzón. “Diana brings a unique perspective to this traditionally male-dominated genre of music. We are grateful that she has decided to share her experiences with us today as we celebrate Women’s History Month and 200 years of Colombia-U.S. diplomatic relations.

Diana is a singer-songwriter and accordionist that has been nominated twice in the last 3 years for the Latin Grammy Award. In 2018, her debut album was selected Best Cumbia/Vallenato making her the first female artist to get this distinction. And more recently, in 2021 her album Rio Abajo was Nominated in the category of “Best contemporary tropical album”.

She has been exploring various Colombian traditional musical styles including bullerengue, cumbia, and vallenato.

Vallenato is a combination of Indigenous, European, and African rhythms that shines through different beats, played with amazing instruments such as accordion, drums, and Guacharaca.

The genre has been chosen by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, as an Intangible Cultural Heritage for the World, but for years have been dominated by men. It has been very difficult for female artists in the genre to succeed or be recognized as men have for years. Diana’s nominations, successes and recognition will help others in the field continue improving and diversifying the field.

Stacy White, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Professional and Cultural Exchanges for the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs gave some remarks about the role of initiatives like Center Stage and other programs that have empowered women like Diana in the United States and other countries around the world.

The event, hosted by Pilar Lozano, Ambassadors Pinzon wife, is part of the celebration of the 200 year of diplomatic relations that Colombia and the United States are commemorating this year.

More about Diana Burco:

She has been involved in investigating traditional music ever since she was a child. Diana continues to explore different contemporary music and rythms. Her musical esthetic is a fine mix between past and future.

Diana has traveled throughout Colombia searching for traditional music "manifestations" and has studied with the “maestros” that interpret them. On one of her latest projects, “Bailo mi Pena”, she worked alongside Maestro Carmelo Torres, the last living representative of Colombia’s traditional cumbia.

She has also participated in different musical programs and stages around the world, like One BeatColombia, The Ethno World and MAPAS (Artes Performativas del Atlantico Sur).


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