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13 Colombian Tech Startups Now Better Connected to the USA and the World

ProColombia and U.S.-based MediaTech Ventures Bridge the Colombian and U.S Markets with a Training Program Kicked Off by Ambassador Santos

Washington, DC — The Embassy of Colombia in the United States today applauded 13 Colombian tech startups for successfully completing a 12-week program in internationalization strategies – including digital marketing in the United States, hiring, and sales channels – that will help them better serve the U.S. and other world markets.

Colombian graduates of the program, a partnership between ProColombia and the U.S.-based MediaTech Ventures, include: Alternova.INC, Bees2biz, EBS - ETHOS, Factor Clave, Foonkie Monkey, iD.WORKS SAS, Medea Interactiva, mpl eLearning XR Services, NovaIntegra, Pluriza, Signos Studio, Virtual Impact and XTRATEGY CO SAS / UZER.

“The partnership with MediaTech Ventures is the latest example of Colombia’s high-tech prowess” said Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Francisco Santos Calderon, who led a kick-off visit to Austin, Texas, to launch the partnership in August 2019. “From software development to the creation of mobile apps, Colombia is increasingly becoming a destination of choice for IT services. Our doors are wide open for business.”

“Colombia has a consolidated and growing IT software and services industry, with experience developing specialized IT solutions in different verticals such as fintech, health, agroindustry, oil and gas, energy and telecommunications, logistics, government, digital marketing, virtual and augmented reality, businesses, and big data, among others. With a government committed to digital transformation as the driving force behind Colombia’s transformation by 2022, the country is currently one of the main technology-based services providers in the region, and partnerships such as this with Media Tech Venture, will boost even more business opportunities between Colombian developers and US buyers and investors” Said Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia.

According to John Zozzaro, President of MediaTech Ventures, “We’ve done quite a bit with ProColombia over the years to support innovation and entrepreneurship in central Texas and beyond. We’ve always appreciated their mission to help the Colombian startup community connect with the world. Combining our curriculum with their mission was an ideal next step in growing our partnership while providing more value to the communities in which we serve.”

The preparation and knowledge of companies trained by partners such as MediaTech Ventures will allow Colombia to offer companies seeking a new international market effective strategies, including how to adapt their offerings to local markets and account for cultural considerations, as well as access to reliable networks of potential customers, all while minimizing risks.

Other investment opportunities in the software and IT services sectors in Colombia include:

· Software development for different verticals such as agritech, fintech, blockchain, health, logistics, energy and electronic commerce.

· Development of mobile applications, software and digital content, taking advantage of the support that the government is providing through the Vive Digital and programs.

· Creation of software factories, taking advantage of access to highly educated engineers and other professionals in related careers.

· Maintenance of software applications for companies in different industries, as well as implementation of operations that provide complete remote infrastructure management services.


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