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Colombia Investment Summit

ProColombia, the government entity responsible for promoting international travel and foreign investment in Colombia, has announced that the annual Colombia Investment Summit, taking place from 7 - 9 October, 2020, looks set to be the most well attended Summit in its six year history. The event, which will this year take place virtually, is widely acknowledged as the most significant event for driving sustainable and responsible investment into the country. More than 1300 attendees and 550 investors from across the globe are expected to attend the virtual event, with guest speakers to include Ivan Duque, President of Colombia.

The announcement follows the recent news that international flight service has resumed between Colombia and the USA. As of this month, flight services have been restored from Fort Lauderdale, to Miami, and in the month of October between key strategic countries across the region including Mexico, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic, sending a clear signal that the reactivation of the international tourism industry is underway.

“The desire and opportunity to invest in Colombia has never been greater, even in the face of a global pandemic. Our strategic geographical location, abundance of human talent and natural resources, combined with a comprehensive government strategy designed to benefit investors, makes Colombia an appealing choice for foreign direct investment. This investment is a key enabler of social and economic development, and will play a crucial role in the economic recovery of our country”, said Flavia Santoro Trujillo, President of ProColombia.

Working closely with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism to ensure the latest technology and virtual tools are in place, ProColombia is confident that this will be the most successful event to date. The summit puts Colombia firmly on the international stage, positioning the country as a leading investment opportunity in the region with the aim to drive foreign direct investment into the country.

Colombia is fast-becoming one of the region’s most popular destinations for foreign direct investment due to its political and economic stability, and a dynamic and ever-evolving market. During 2020 ProColombia has facilitated the arrival of 112 investment projects worth US$6,7 billion that are expected to create 38.600 new jobs. This is a 19% increase, compared to 2019. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the Colombian government has implemented a comprehensive economic recovery plan which includes the strengthening of tax-exempt zones, ‘nearshoring’ incentives for businesses seeking to reorganize their supply chains, and a one-stop shop for investors to centralize and speed procedures.

Entrepreneurs interested in taking part in this event can register and obtain more information at:


Notes to Editors:

ProColombia is the government entity in charge of promoting international tourism and foreign direct investment in Colombia, non-mining energy exports and the country brand. Through its national and international network of offices, it offers Colombian companies support and comprehensive advice through services or instruments focused on encouraging the design and execution of their internationalization strategies, as well as facilitating the generation and development of business opportunities.


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