What does a consulate do?

  • Promotes and safeguards the interests of the country and its nationals in the areas of its jurisdiction.

  • Provides legal and social advice and assistance required by nationals.

  • Acts in the capacity of notary, civil registrar, and in similar functions.

  • Maintains an updated database with information on the number and type of consular procedures, documentation issued, assistance to nationals,  and Colombian detainees among others.

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  • Ensures, within the limits imposed by the laws and regulations of the receiving State, ensure the interests of underage nationals and other persons lacking full capacity.

  • Issues passports and travel documents to nationals, and visas or appropriate documents to persons wishing to travel to Colombia.

  • Submits reports about consular services, documentation, assistance and advice provided by the community to the corresponding Diplomatic Mission, to the Directorate of Migratory Affairs, Consular and Citizen Service and to the Administrative and Financial Directorate.

Colombia has 12 consulates around the U.S.