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“American Agriculture Paying Stiff Price for Stalled Trade Agreements”

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July 22, 2011

The Hill

By J. Patrick Boyle, President and CEO, American Meat Institute

Four years of trade benefits for U.S. farmers, ranchers and food processors havebeen forfeited by our inaction on these agreements, and competitor countries have taken advantage of this lapse to grab U.S. market shares… Our study found that passage and full implementation of the Korean, Colombian and Panamanian FTAs would represent an additional $2.3 billion in exports and the creation of 29,524 new jobs here at home. Many of these jobs are in rural areas of the U.S. where prospects of true economic development are seldom presented. The data also reveal that passage of the agreements could increase U.S. exports of beef by $1.4 billion, pork by $772 million and poultry by $102 million.