Together with the Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan, VP Marta Lucía Ramírez ratifies the commitment to fight drug trafficking.

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May 8, 2019

Washington D.C., May 2019

The Vice President of the Republic, Marta Lucía Ramírez, met with the Secretary of Defense of the United States, Patrick M. Shanahan, with whom she ratified the commitment that the two nations have had to fight against drug trafficking in the region and the support for the Venezuelan people in the midst of the political and economic crisis that this South American country is going through.

The common objective of this cooperation that has been given for many years is to defeat the drug trafficking that is the source of income of criminal groups "that have affected us and that also affects the stability in our region. We know that in Venezuela we have this criminal regime that is protecting members of terrorist groups from different countries with drug trafficking and illegal mining, and this mixture is really bad for us and for democracy.

In this meeting that was part of the Vice President agenda for the United States, the official pointed out that "in Colombia, we have the same concerns, not only for Venezuela, we have concerns about the criminal regime that exercises public functions without being a government, because it is clear to us that they are not an elected government, they did not take power through democracy and they are there not only for the support of some Venezuelan military, but also for support from abroad.

He pointed out that for Colombia; this is an issue of security and stability because "the future of our democracy, of our values, is at stake. This is serious because it is not a short-term vision of the problem; it is a long-term vision of the stability of our democracy and institutions not only for Colombia but for the entire region. That's why we thank the United States for its support.

Secretary Shanahan thanked Vice President Ramírez for the willingness and support that Colombia has been providing to confront the Venezuelan crisis and praised the military cooperation that has taken place between the two countries, stressing that each day is stronger than ever.

Finally, senior officials announced that the USNS Comfort will be in Colombia in June to assist Venezuelan migrants and refugees who migrate from their country to neighboring nations.