Minister Trujillo highlighted the work of the country's mayors to assist venezuelan migrants

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March 27, 2019

Official Presidential Page

Bogotá, March 26, 2019

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, made this Tuesday a recognition to the mayors of the country by the way they have taken care of the challenges of the migratory crisis coming from Venezuela.

"We want to recognize the mayors of Colombia for the way they have been dealing with the challenges posed to us, at the local, regional and international levels, by the migratory crisis coming from Venezuela," said the Minister.

He added that the mayors "have responded to the demands of Venezuelan migrants by turning to their own budgets, to their own administrative organization. They have responded to these demands by appealing to the sensitivity of the inhabitants of the different cities of Colombia, which is why I want, on the name of President Duque, to give them the recognition they deserve," he said.

He stated that "the right way to face the demands of this migratory crisis is to work together in a coordinated way".

"We have made reflections on the short-term perspectives, since we must be prepared to continue attending with the same humanitarian criteria, solidarity and historical gratitude, that migratory flow that has been done so far," said the head of Colombian diplomacy.