Investors want to come to Colombia because private initiative is respected and there is a government that believes in the rule of law: President Duque

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March 15, 2019

Official Presidential Page

President Ivan Duque said today that foreign investors want to come to Colombia because this country "respects private initiative and because there is a government that believes in the rule of law, in entrepreneurship to generate equity.
This affirmation was made by the President when he intervened in the closing of the General Assembly of the American Business Council (CEA), which includes U.S. firms that have been operating in Colombia for 100, 70 and 60 years.
Duque emphasized that his administration "believes in the private sector and believes with motivation. It is not like in other times, when the sense of defense of the private sector was with a shameful spirit.
"I believe in private initiative, I believe in free competition, I believe in the development of capital markets," he stressed.
He also expressed his desire to see "more Colombian companies going public. I want to see more public companies going abroad. I want to have more and more consolidated spaces and markets.
In that order of ideas, the President indicated that "we ask the Government of the United States all the support so that our products have more accessibility in that market, in shorter times", in such a way "that they allow us to consolidate more exports".
He pointed out that with the administration of President Donald Trump "not only do we share democratic values in Latin America, to denounce the outrages of the dictatorship in Venezuela, but we understand that the fight against drugs is a shared, co-responsible fight.
In this line, he indicated that the two governments must simultaneously continue "deepening a bilateral agenda, in which trade, investment, science, technology, energy, play a preponderant role.
He said that the relationship between Colombia and the United States "shows that it is structured with companies that have established their bases in Colombian territory and that already have, some, 100 years; others 75; others 50.
He noted that such companies have strengthened from that "relationship that we have historic and that is bipartisan, in the United States, and has been multi-party, in Colombia. Because we share values, the value of democracy; because we share the value of a market economy; because we understand that it is through freedoms and an economy with healthy competition that the future is built.
Finally, President Duque emphasized his intention to bring to the country companies that contribute to the generation of quality jobs.
"I will not tire of telling everyone who wants to invest in our country, with the best standards, that it has a government to facilitate and help their investment translate into more formal and decent jobs in Colombia," he said.