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Press release from Government of Colombia

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March 13, 2019

Given the information that is circulating through some international media in which it is suggested that the National Government manipulated a video in which it is observed how a truck is burned with humanitarian aid on the Francisco de Paula Santander International Bridge, last February 23, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Migración  Colombia are allowed to clarify that:


The video shows only a few minutes of the more than 8 hours of recording of the incidents that occurred on the Francisco de Paula Santander and Simón Bolívar International Bridges, as a consequence of the refusal of the usurper Nicolás Maduro to let the trucks move freely with humanitarian aid. 


The video clearly shows that the events occurred once the trucks had entered Venezuelan territory, after the attacks by the Bolivarian National Guard against the civilian population participating in this process.


We would like to reiterate that the process of collecting humanitarian aid that Colombia carried out was transparent. For this reason, and guaranteeing the right to inform and be informed, we allowed the access of all the media, who so desired, to the passage of humanitarian aid through the International Bridges, during the whole day of Saturday, February 23, with which they were able to evidence, themselves, the reality of what happened.


The National Government does not need to manipulate videos or any information so that the world knows the injustices committed by the usurper Maduro against his own people, since more than 4 million Venezuelans who have had to leave their country can give an account of them.


Bogotá, March 12, 2019