Bogotá International Book Fair to pay special tribute to Colombia on the Bicentennial of the Republic

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February 27, 2019

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During a ceremony held this Tuesday at the Casa de Nariño, the Executive President of the Colombian Chamber of Books, Enrique González Villa, announced that the Bogota International Book Fair (FILBo) will pay a special tribute to our country this year, on the occasion of the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Republic of Colombia.


"We wanted Colombia to be the guest of honor for this 32nd version of the Bogotá International Book Fair. Our goal is that the Fair be the ideal space to celebrate this event as a great public forum on values and principles," said the director of the Colombian Chamber of Books.


He explained that this initiative will be based on four principles: sovereignty, citizenship, independence and equality, which seek to "offer Colombians the opportunity to rewrite, rethink, reinterpret our history and envision other ways of conceiving and building the country, assuming the celebration of the Bicentennial as the celebration of the Republic.


"Because if we know better what our process has been, we are going to value Colombia much more, we are going to have a sense of self-esteem and self-esteem that this country needs a lot. And what better way than to do it precisely in this Book Fair, Colombia being the guest country," he said.


You are the guest country'.


'Read it. The guest country is you' is the thematic core that will frame the activities of the Fair in 2019, which this year will have the participation of more than 500 national and international guests in more than 1,700 events of literary, cultural and academic programming.


Commemoration of the Bicentennial from MinCultura


The homage paid by FILBo 2019 to the 200 years of Independence is added to the activities programmed by the Ministry of Culture around this celebration and the promotion of reading among Colombians.


"The FILBo is an opportunity to promote access to reading and to meet again around our common history. With the National Development Plan we proposed to create more spaces that ensure early access to culture and reading in the territories," said Culture Minister Carmen Inés Vásquez.


About FILBo


The FILBo is an event that socially and economically revitalizes the country through culture. Its importance lies in the direct influence on the production, circulation and consumption of different contents: science, literature, history, music, art, gastronomy, cinema, music, among others.


This event is organized by the Colombian Chamber of Books and Corferias. The main ally is the Mayor's Office of Bogotá, within the framework of the District Plan for Reading and Writing 'Leer es Volar', and has the support of the Ministry of Culture, through the National Cultural Concertation Program. 


The Pavilion is possible thanks to the initiative of the National Government, through the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and the Mayor's Office of Bogota, entities that, together with the Colombian Chamber of Books and Corferias, have managed to materialize this project that seeks to generate in the visitors to the FILBo an experience of citizenship, going through the historical transfer of the Republic.