President Duque asked the Lima Group to declare the government assets of Venezuela under the control of President Guaidó.

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February 25, 2019

Official Presidential Page

In his intervention before the group of chancellors, presidents and vice-presidents who attended the meeting of the 14 member countries of the Lima Group, President Duque asked to strengthen the diplomatic siege against the regime and provide greater legitimacy to the interim President, Guaidó, and the National Assembly.

"What we expect from this meeting is Not only that the diplomatic encirclement continues to be strengthened, which we have to do, but also that we take actions and decisions sanctioning the dictator and give greater legitimacy and power to the National Assembly and to the President in charge (of Venezuela)," the President said.

He also asked the OAS to adopt measures against the dictatorship, following the events presented over the weekend.

"Today we must call on the Organization of American States to also adopt the relevant resolutions, sanctions and accusations for what happened this weekend," in the border area of Colombia and Venezuela, in Norte de Santander, where there were serious abuses of regime forces to prevent volunteers from bringing humanitarian aid to their country.

During the same speech, the Colombian President asked this multilateral body to call on the Venezuelan Armed Forces to give allegiance to the National Assembly and to the President in charge, Guaidó.

"Lima Group calls for the activation of the domino effect on the part of the Armed Forces, giving them their loyalty to the National Assembly," reiterated President Duque.

Finally, he urged the Lima Group "that this meeting must serve to make the encirclement more powerful, more effective and allow for the rapid construction of the transition that the people of Venezuela are looking for".