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Colombia improved 12 positions in the world ranking of congress and convention tourism

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May 28, 2009



In 2007, Colombia was ranked number 50 and now lies in position 38 according to the International Congress and Convention Association, with a special recognition to Bogota and Cartagena. The country outperformed destinations such as Uruguay, Russia, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Panama and Puerto Rico, among others. 

Nubia Stella Martinez, Vice President of Tourism Proexport noted that this result is good news, since the consolidation exercise of events promotion is a very  recent institutional effort. The official explained that tourism is a crucial aspect for development since  it regulates the seasonality of tourism demand, creates jobs and promotes the exchange of professional knowledge. Moreover, it constitutes a factor of promotional efforts of the national tourism.  Colombia's rise in the ranking of ICCA, which involved 90 countries, is a good the evidence of a coordinated effort with various public and private agencies in the country.  She highlighted  the progress of Cartagena and Bogota in the ranking. The first moved  from position 89 to 69, with a total of 22events last year, while the capital moved from position 114 to 108, with 15international meetings.

The International Congress & Convention Association is the global networkof industry conferences and conventions, which was founded in 1963 by a groupof travel agents. Currently, ICCA is comprised of 850 member companies andtourism organizations from 85 countries in the corporate world. Its mission isto ensure that its members always maintain competitive advantages in the fieldof congresses and conventions.

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