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President Uribe gives the San Carlos medal to former Speaker of the House of Representatives

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May 27, 2009

It is impossible to find another person with the merit that you have to receive the San Carlos medal. Thank you, Speaker Hastert. You are a great friend of Colombia  the Head of State said after thanking Speaker Hastert for his support. We will never forget that time when you came to Colombia to approve Plan Colombia in the year 2000. Plan Colombia has been an excellent decision, a step forward. It's the first practical aid that we have received from the entire world,  and you were one of the main supporters of Plan Colombia , the Colombian Leader pointed. Those unilateral trade preferences had your support voice. The negotiations for our bilateral Free Trade Agreement found in you a great sponsor. Now the Colombian people are hopeful that, with friends like you, we can have the ratification of our FTA, he added.

As for the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, he thanked the honor and assured that he has worked together with President Uribe, because he believes in the goodness of the Colombian people and in its democracy. Thank you so much from the bottom of my hearth. This democracy which is the oldest democracy in South America, has worked hard to overcome many problems. We are, indeed, friends on a national basis. We do understand, between the United States and Colombia, the need to work together. But the need to work together begins in personal friendship, and I pledge mine. Thank you Hastert said.