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British Parliament Praises President Uribe for Human Rights Progress

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March 10, 2009


The President and the Government of Colombia received a high grade for the work done in the field of Human Rights and security, during a speech made by parliamentarian Mark Pritchard, at the Common Chamber.  I have to admit that Human Rights and security conditions have improved owing to President Uribe’s effort, who has been constructing a secure environment, needed by the country, said the parliamentarian.This presentation was held at United Kindom and Latin America Relations debate organized by the Labour Parliamentarian, Jeremy Corbyn. At the debate was also the State Subsecretary for Latin America, Mrs Gillian Merron.

About a month ago, at the Lords Chamber, parliamentarian Lord JD Waverley made a presentation and highlighted President Uribe’s work fighting drug trafficking and protecting security. The speech was given at a debate to evaluate the world drug problem.