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January 2019

January 29, 2019

Statement from the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Statement from the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Regarding to the controversy that was taking place yesterday, following the press conference of Mr. John Bolton, National Security Adviser of the United States, and in which an image of a notebook appeared in which there is a mention of Colombia, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Holmes Trujillo expressed the following on behalf of the National Government:

1. Colombia has established its position jointly with the member countries of the Lima Group regarding the situation in Venezuela, which is widely known.

2. Colombia will continue to act politically and diplomatically, to create the conditions that will lead to an electoral process that will restore the democratic and institutional order in that country.

3. The Lima Group has recognized President Juan Guaidó to lead the process of restoring the institutional and democratic order in Venezuela.

4. Regarding to the mention of Colombia in the notebook that Mr. John Bolton had in his hands, the scope and the reason for the annotation is unknown.

5. Colombia will continue to dialogue permanently with the United States on all matters of common interest and cooperating with this friendly Nation, on bilateral, hemispheric and global issues.